Maple Bourbon Sweet Potato

Happy Thanksgiving!  In keeping with our tradition of creating holiday themed flavors this time of year, we’ve chosen the sweet potato route for this week’s flavor.  Sweet potatoes are one of my favorite things – and are an unsung star both as a side dish and a dessert for Thanksgiving dinners across the country.  The sweet potatoes’ natural sweetness pairs very well with many flavors.  Thus we chose to throw some bourbon in (it’s pretty cold out) and sweeten the deal with maple.  Good solid fall flavors, and colors.



Maple Bourbon Sweet Potato Maple Bourbon Sweet PotatoMaple Sugar








For the sweet potato base, we roasted the potatoes in butter to get out some of the moisture and concentrate the sugars.  Plus they get all nice and caramelized which gives them a nice depth for the base.



Maple Bourbon Sweet Potato








Once the sweet potatoes are finished roasting, they are pureed while still warm with cream.  The puree is added in with the rest of the cream, bourbon and sweetened with maple sugar.


Maple Bourbon Sweet Potato









We use maple sugar in this recipe because it has all of the flavor of syrup but is a bit easier to work with as a base sweetener – and maple syrup will lower the freezing temperature of ice cream because of it’s high sugar concentration.  All of the flavors mingle while the base is pasteurized over heat and a little bourbon is added again before the base is frozen.


Maple Bourbon Sweet Potato









And here you have it.  A rich sweet potato ice cream tinted with maple and rounded out with bourbon.  A perfect way to celebrate all we have to be thankful for this year.

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