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Hi, we’re Froz Broz. Some of you know us as Ben and Erik. We’re Wisconsin raised boys with cheese in our veins,  since transplanted into Minnesota. For the past seven years we’ve poured our obsession with cooking, supporting local farmers and food purveyors, and a rabid curiosity of flavor, into making ice cream. It has provided us with a way to take the inspiration that we got from the local food community and channel that passion into something we could give back and feel proud of.  We started out creating a new flavor of ice cream every week and giving away pints to our fans.  We’re sad to say we’re no longer in production but our spirit and love for ice cream live on.


Our passion for ice cream is unbridled.  We pride ourselves on ensuring the quality of our product is of the absolute best, which means no corner cutting, ever.  Every batch of ice cream we make is carefully hand crafted, using only natural and organic ingredients, yet with no artificial sweeteners, binders or anything else.  What you see is what you get.  We scratch make our ice cream base allowing us to tailor it exactly to each individual flavor’s needs, allowing us to use various sugars, dairy bases and to replace extracts that normally flavor most ice cream with steeping real ingredients and extracting their flavor ourselves.  We are constantly exploring new avenues and new flavors, and our process provides us with the flexibility to flavor our ice cream in almost any way we want.  The end result speaks for itself.


390 Replies to “ABOUT US”

  1. your ice creams sounds amazing, wish you were still in WI as you would be located much closer to me so that I could try all of these wonderful concoctions!

  2. Hi Ben &Erik congrats on your venture into the world of making flavor ice cream .I know you will make it. Make Sara your saleslady. if she is you will have a hard time making all the ice cream. WILL BE LOOKING FOR OUR FREE ICE CREAM> DAVE KAREN AND JERRY”

  3. All of these flavors sound fabulous! Congrats on your new adventure, can’t wait to see it out at restaurants or local stores!


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  6. So jealous we don’t have an inventive ice cream shop in WI. More reasons to come back and visit Mpls.

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