Grilled Cheeseburger

Yes, really!

The whole idea of our weekly flavor was born from a challenge to ourselves, to concept and create on a regular basis, over a long term.  This is how we keep our minds fresh, fuel our curiosity, make our breakthroughs and hone our skills.  It also meant we would ultimately begin to challenge our own paletes, as well as our followers’ in the process.  And because we’re willing to walk out on a limb here and there, we get a lot of funny suggestions for flavors.  Sometimes we actually entertain them.  Sometimes we don’t.  In this case…

This flavor wasn’t created as a gimmick or as a joke, in fact, it was created out of pure desire to see if we could make something this far out, actually taste good.  We realize that the public’s taste for Cheeseburger ice cream might be nil, but much of the point of these weekly releases are to give you an idea of our thought process when we concept, and ultimately create a flavor.  Once in awhile our ideas fall flat, and those get left on the kitchen floor, never to be posted here or created at all for that matter.  This one, in our opinion, did not.

It all started with a discussion on the consumption of shakes and malts while enjoying a burger and fries.  Many of you willingly slurp down ice cream as a means to wash down a cheeseburger, even dipping fries in it.  In some ways, the meal and the dessert are synonymous.  So why wouldn’t this flavor work?  We had to try.

The concept was narrowed down to a few important factors.

1. No physical meat in the final product

2. Somehow make the ice cream taste reminiscent of a grilled cheeseburger, while still allowing ice cream to be, well, ice cream


We agreed that steeping a burger would be the approach to get the flavorful fat and flavor to soak into the cream- the beef, the smoke, the char, and the cheese.

So, we had some cheeseburgers.







Obviously we start with quality ground beef, and Grass Run Farms is a good one.  The burgers went on a hot charcoal grill and were topped with Wisconsin Cheddar.  We ate some of the cheeseburgers.  Then we took the two left over and kept them to steep in the ice cream base.

Wisconsin Cheddar








Being Wisconsin boys, we knew there had to be more cheese, so we tailored our ice cream base to accept more of this fine cheddar along with the grilled grass fed patties.

BriocheBrioche CroutonBrioche Crouton







Don’t worry, we didn’t forget the bun.  For this, we took our favorite New French Brioche Buns and baked them off into croutons with some help from our friends butter and salt.  They went in at the end of the churn.

Grilled Cheeseburger Ice Cream









And here it is.  A creamy, dense cheddar cheese ice cream steeped with charcoal grilled, grass fed beef patties and specked with brioche bun croutons.  A  sweet ice cream that ever so subtly reminds you of a cheeseburger.

Of course, you want to know – what did we think?  It IS good.  Honestly it wouldn’t be my first choice, and isn’t for eating in mass quantities – but its a blast to try and experience the brain tease.
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Pistachio with Peach Marmalade

Week two of Peach madness here at FrozBroz. Last week we had a record response to our Brown Sugar, Grilled Peach with Cinnamon Syrup, so we thought we’d wrangle another peach flavor into our repertoire for you to drool over. After all, it is still peach season here in the upper Midwest. I decided I wanted to showcase this weeks peaches in a marmalade accompanied by one of peaches best friends, pistachios(FYI, peaches other best friend is ice cream). They make for a great pairing, so let us introduce our Pistachio with Peach Marmalade.



These are organic raw pistachios. Their color is bright as is their flavor. In the past, we’ve always used pistachios as an addition to our ice cream not only to pair with other flavors, but to add texture with crunch from the nut itself. This week I set out to flavor the ice cream with the pistachios themselves. To start with, stacios get tossed in the oven for a little roasty toasty.





When they come out of the oven, they go into the food processor with a little cream, and get pulverized. This pistachio mash gets steeped in our ice cream base and strained out through a fine mesh chinoise.

The base is salted and ready for action.







Oh, and speaking of ready for action. These peaches from Barnard Orchard in Wisconsin are ready for some serious simmer down action.







Peaches get diced and tossed in a sauce pan with sugar, lemon juice and candied ginger. We crush them a bit to release their juices and break up some of the larger chunks.







On the stove top for a simmering. The peaches breakdown, become translucent, and their flavors concentrate.








Peach Marmalade! Golden orange color and ripe peach flavor, this marmalade is ready for your mouth – and our ice cream. We layer it in alternating with our rich creamy pistachio ice cream base.










And the result: FrozBroz Pistachio with Peach Marmalade ice cream!


Want to try some? As we do every week, we’ll be giving away two pints of this flavor. Just leave a comment on our facebook page to be entered into the drawing. If you don’t have a facebook account, leave a comment right here on the blog. We’ll draw two winners on Friday afternoon (8/31/2012) at 4pm and will announce them on our facebook page (or email you if you’re comment resides here). Our only conditions are you must be able to pick it up here in Minneapolis, and agree to give us a little feedback that can be shared with everyone else. Good luck!





Candied Peach Cobbler

There is a small Mennonite bulk foods store in Fall Creek, WI called Weavers Country Store. They sell the best seasonal fruit you can find, but they only offer it seasonally, and it’s never around long. I do not know where they source their fruit from, but I do know that I  will always be there when the peaches arrive.




When you bite into one of these sweet ripe peaches, the juices run down your chin, neck, hands and wrists. This sweetness and ripeness means everything when we are making our Candied Peach Cobbler ice cream.






The only problem is all those delicious juices – they turn icy in the cream. Our solution was to mix them up with butter, bourbon, brown sugar and cinnamon and roast them very slowly until…








…they look like this. Candied!









We mix up a batch of pecan cobbler crust, freeze it, break it up into crusty chunks and crumbles.







It’s all in there! FrozBroz Candied Peach Cobbler!


You can win one of two available pints this week, leave a comment on our facebook page at to be entered into the drawing. If you don’t have a facebook account, make your comment right here on the blog. We’ll draw two winners later this afternoon and will announce them on our facebook page. Our only condition is you must be able to pick it up. Good luck!