Ok kids, raise your hand if you don’t like granola. That’s right, everyone likes granola. Some people like it with milk, some with yogurt, some like it on its own, so when my wife suggested that we put it in ice cream it was an easy decision.



Check it out – rolled oats!










Almonds, Flax, Sesame, and Sunflower – that’s right, seeds!










Guess what? Brown sugar, cinnamon and vanilla are whip ass in granola. Oh, lets not forget about the honey.










Here it is – homemade granola. We made it from scratch and put it in our ice cream. Now eat it!









As always we’re giving away two pints of this flavor this week: for the first pint, be the first to ask for it here on our blog (in the comments section), and its all yours.  We’ll give another away later on our Facebook page, which we’ll announce there.