Bacon and Egg

When we first started making ice cream four years ago, our flavor profiles were mainly focused on traditional flavors. We soon began melding sweet and savory to create a wide range of unique flavors including this one: Bacon and Egg.




This is Bacon. It’s grass fed, nitrate free, rendered, and it’s going into our ice cream.








These are eggs. They’re local from Wisconsin Growers, organic, and they’re all going into this batch of ice cream.










This is a pitcher full of sweet egg batter ready for the mixer.









These are two pints of FrozBroz Bacon and Egg ice cream – we’re giving these  two beauties away today; one here, and one later today on our Facebook page.

For the free pint here -post a guess  in the comments section of how much bacon you think we put in one 2 quart batch of ice cream and the person that gets the closest wins the pint.


Again, free craft ice cream, a flavor you can’t get anywhere else, made with ingredients from local farms.


11 Replies to “Bacon and Egg”

  1. Connor you nailed it. Its yours. We’ll get a hold of you about pick up. Thanks everyone! We’ll give away another on our Facebook page in a bit.

  2. also, Brooke – as a consolation prize we will be using the term “bacon schnibblets” from now on, credit: you.

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