Q.Where can I buy FrozBroz Ice Cream?

A. Currently our ice cream is not for sale, however you can win pints of it in the weekly giveaways for our weekly flavor, and we do the occasional custom flavor and order.

Q.Where does FrozBroz get their ingredients?

A. We use Callister Farm organic eggs, and are currently using dairy products from several local dairies in Minnesota.  All of the rest of our ingredients are sourced from local purveyors whenever possible, and when not, we use independent/fair trade purveyors from across the globe. We also strive to use organic ingredients whenever possible.

875 Replies to “FAQ”

  1. Where can we sample your ice cream? Have you thought about having an ice cream truck downtown Minneapolis or at the farmer’s market?

  2. We make a little bit available every week when we release a new flavor, and that’s it unfortunately for now. We are working on having more available soon. And yes we have definitely thought about the ice cream truck. We’re working on that too hopefully, but it wouldn’t be this summer.

  3. I have a Passion (possible addiction) to ice cream. If you ever need a taste tester, I volunteer 🙂

  4. Would like to purchase your product and spread the word. The farmers markets are getting ready to close for the season. Have you contacted the food coops like TheWedge? Where can we catch up with you?

  5. Hi Sammi –

    We’ve chosen to use Wisconsin Growers to this point because we like the quality of the egg the best out of what we have used from farms in the area. We do also use eggs from Callister farms occasionally as well (which we like very much), but being guys that grew up in Wisconsin and live in Minnesota – we don’t see that iron curtain at the border of the Mississippi that some do. In our opinion its all about supporting local farms and Wisconsin farms fall into that category as much as farms from Iowa or South Dakota or Nebraska.

  6. Hi guys,

    I’d love to try your ice cream! Where can I find it our get inferred into the weekly give away at very least?

  7. Just read your quote in NY Times. Would love to try some! Have any samples available this weekend I can surprise my wife with on our first anniversary this weekend?

  8. My company is starting a new restaurant Craft Beer Hall and Kitchen and already have a catering business Craft Catering and a food truck Craft Mobile Kitchen, I have followed you on facebook and would love to meet.

  9. What rules, if any, do you have for the weekly drawing? Is it purely random? Are previous winners disqualified from a second win? Are people in out state Mineesota also eligible? Thanks for any clarification.

  10. HI Gary –

    Rules are you can’t win two weeks in a row, but otherwise repeats are allowed. You also have to be able to pick up your prize in Minneapolis.

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