Malted Caraway and Molasses

Yeah, you read it right, Caraway.

It often falls into the love or hate category, most often found in breads, stews, curries, and sauerkraut.

What does caraway have to do with malt? And why in the hell did you put it in ice cream?  Perfectly logical questions.

Our thought process: Malts and ice cream go hand in hand.   So we started looking into what it would take to make our own malt powder, which is a process of drying and sprouting and re-drying cereal grains to turn the starch into sugar and give it that famous nutty malt taste we love in beer, and ice cream malts.

Then, for fun, we decided to try and make malt with some other, less conventional ingredients. Caraway seemed like a fun choice- our challenge and hope was we could mellow out the blatant caraway flavor by putting it through a “cheater” malt process.



Once it was dried out, soaked, and dried again, we ground it into a dark, fine, almost coffee like powder……

Malted Caraway












and then we paired it with molasses.












As it often happens, we don’t really know how the flavor will turn out until it has cured properly.   A lot can change in the taste over the course of the first three days in the freezer.  To our pleasant surprise, the end product was an incredibly complex, malt flavor, with dark flecks of malted, powdered caraway which come out right at the finish. Its become one of our favorites.











Wonder what it tastes like?




This chap won’t even eat pizza, and he thinks its fantastic.







Be the first to ask for a pint here and its yours. We’ll be giving another two pints away this week, one here, and one on our Facebook page. All you have to do is ask. Seriously. Free, craft ice cream, a flavor you can’t get anywhere else, made with ingredients from local farms.


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