Since you might be curious what could be coming up and what we’ve done in the past, here’s our entire flavor list. This thing grows quickly.

Vanilla Bean
Brown Butter
Sea Salt vanilla
Crushed Mint & Chocolate Chunk
Coconut Caramel
Black Pepper/ White Chocolate
Ritz Cracker
Deconstructed Lemon Bar
Banana Bread
Brown Butter Corn Bread
Almond Macaroon
Cinnamon Candied Pecan
Brown Butter Popcorn
Chocolate w/ Roasted Walnut
Fire Roasted Sweet Corn with Sea Salt
Virginia Peanut and Strawberry Preserve
Sour cream Strawberry Shortbread
Bacon & Egg
Chocolate Stout
Graham Cracker
Coffee Stroopwaffel
Apple Crisp w/ Sharp Cheddar
Jalapeno honey w/ Cotija cheese
Sunflower Butter w/Candied Sunflower Seeds
Maple Cashew
Almond Green Anise w/Fig
Lavender Honey
Cinnamon w/ Rum Caramel
Pistachio Cake
Maple Yam and Marshmallow
Egg Nog with Whiskey Caramel
Pumpkin Streusel
Bananas Flambé
Candied Peach Cobbler
Brown sugar
Goat Cheese Fig
Rosemary Lemon Bar
Blood Orange Quark & Ginger Shortbread
Cabrales w/ Candied Pear
Carmel Apple
7 Layer Bar
Malted Caraway & Molasses
Pecan Cookie
Honey Dijon & Pretzel
Saffron Cardamom Cookie Candied Ginger
Blackberry Buttermilk Burnt Cashew
Vodka Blueberry & Basil
Lavender Pistachio Honey
Brandy Cherry Smoked Almond
Roasted Sweet Corn with Honey & Cinnamon
Olive Oil Parmesan
Plum Jam with Maple Orange Walnuts
Black Pepper Grape Syrup, Pita Cracker & Chevre
Apple Fritter Apple Fritter
Cranberry Compote with Quark and Toasted Walnuts
Pumpkin Pie
Pecan Pie
Sandbakkel with Grape Muscado Pink Peppercorn Jam
Sour Cream Christmas Cookie
Grasshopper Chocolate Chunk
Cardamom Basmati Pistachio
Green Tea with Orange Shortbread
Chicory Belgian Waffle
Oat with Maple Brown Sugar
Maple French Toast with Apricot
Fennel with Candied Orange
Chocolate-Peanut Butter with Medjool Dates and Pecans
Miso Black Sesame
Basil with Meyer Lemon Curd
Spicy Thai Peanut with Candied Lime
Sour Cream Vanilla Bean with Dark Chocolate Cake and Ganache Ribbon
Apricot Parmesan
Baklava with Spiced Walnuts and Salty Pomegranate Caramel
Azuki Red Bean
Pink Peppercorn Rosemary with Candied Grilled Pineapple
Sweet Pea Mint
Fennel Pollen
Lemon Poppy Sour Cream Chevre with Rhubarb Compote
Avocado with Chipotle Honey Candied Pepitas
Smoked Bourbon Vanilla Bean
Peanut Butter and Spicy Coconut Curry
Smoked Strawberry Preserves with Candied Walnuts and Bleu
Strawberry Cabernet with Black Pepper
Salt Bagel with Cream Cheese and Honey
Orange with Raspberry Honey and Singing Hills Chevre
Deconstructed Blueberry Pie w/Charred Vanilla Bean
Port Black and Blueberry
Cherry Pit Creme Fraiche with Rainier Cherry and Lemon Thyme
Manhattan Cocktail
Sage Honey and Almond
Tomato Jam
Brown Sugar, Grilled Peach and Cinnamon Syrup
Pistachio with Peach Marmalade
Beet Sour Cream Habanero with Chocolate Swirl
Pear Mascarpone with Prosciutto and Red Wine Caramel
Ground Cherry Chevre Charred Vanilla
Oat Granola with Caramel Apples
Fig, Fennel Pollen and Feta
Black Walnut
Caramel Cinnamon Roll
Cream Cheese Zucchini Bread
White Russian
Parsnip Graham Cracker
Roasted Pecan w/ Pumpkin Caramel
Cranberry w/ Apple Apple Cider Cognac Caramel
Roasted Chestnut Brown Butter
Spiced Nuts
Cardamom Fruitcake
Champagne Caramel White Chocolate with Pop Rocks
Maple Maple Swirl
Coconut & Mangosteen Caramel
Jasmine Citrus Saffron
Georgia Walnut
Lime w/ Macadamia and Ginger Caramel
Meyer Lemon Ricotta Black Pepper
Rose with Cinnamon Honey
Blood Orange Quark Ginger Shortbread
Brown Ale with Bacon Marmalade
Caramel Popcorn Candied Almond
Coconut Bar Banana Caramel
Irish Soda
Horchata w/ Cajeta
Roasted Banana w/ Rum Mango Syrup
Bee Pollen
Coconut Hibiscus and Lime
Sumac with Apricot Carrot Jam
Aged Gouda + Honey
Sweet Pea Almond with Rye Caramel
Fenugreek Praline Pecan
Cherry Torte
Rhubarb with Brandy Orange Caramel
Spicy Jerk with Dark Rum Caramel
Asparagus with Truffle Honey
Sour Cream Vanilla with Pluot Jam and Crunchy Quinoa
Dark Chocolate Strawberry Pistachio
Oat with Mulberry Syrup
Grilled Cheeseburger
Cream Cheese Blueberry with Candied Lemon
Blueberry Black Pepper Cinnamon Stripe
Fennel Leaf
Roasted Carrot
Peach with Peach Syrup
Cream Cheese Red Pepper Slivered Almond
Borage Buerre Blanc
Mint Chocolate Chip with Yellow Watermelon Swirl
Sweet Corn Chevre with Candied Bacon
Red Hot Candied Apple
Buttermilk Biscuit with Ground Cherry Jam
Apple Peanut Butter
Charred Cauliflower
Butternut Maple Cashew
Donut with Maple Caramel
Charred Vanilla Greek Yogurt and Muesli
Thanksgiving Stuffing
Brown Butter Brickle
Pumpkin with Chipotle Praline Pepitas and Cajeta
Hazelnut Mocha w/ Whiskey Caramel
Gingerbread with Lemon Cream
Manchego with Zinfandel Caramel
Peanut Butter with Roasted Bananas
Garam Masala
Caramel with Salt Candied Pretzel and Chocolate Syrup
Coconut Cinnamon Sriracha Peanut
Salt Vanilla with Grapefruit Marmalade
Toasted Coconut Cherry Rum
Chamomile Fennel Pollen w/ Meyer Lemon Gin Honey
Turmeric Honey
Pine Nut with Rosemary Caramel
Black Sea Salt Malt
Stout with Irish Coffee Syrup
Oat Rum Raisin with Cinnamon Caramel
Black Sesame with Yuzu Honey
Bone Marrow and Red Wine
Toast and Blueberry Bourbon Sage Jam(Serious Jam)
White Chocolate Juniper
Dark Chocolate Coconut Orange
Almond with Orange Blossom Syrup
Tamarind with Salted Coconut Caramel
Soy Brown Butter
Vanilla Rhubarb with Pecan Crumble
Cilantro Lychee Cashew
Yogurt Peony
Pina Colada
Strawberry Lemonade
Strawberry Graham Cracker
Honey Churro with Cajeta
Blueberry Rhubarb
Coffee Cherry
Sweet Corn with Cinnamon Syrup
Sweet Corn with Jalapeno Honey
Sour Cream and Chive
Sour Cherry and Northern Lights Blue
Roasted Eggplant w/ Parmesan Shortbread
Black Pepper Chevre with Beet Syrup
Barley Malt Quark Apple Jam
Ginger Snap Ground Cherry
Caramel Apple w/ Crushed Peanut
Toasted Oak with Sweetland Orchard Hard Cider Syrup
Masala Chai Chocolate Chunk
Red Wine with Poached Pears
Cascade Hops w/Barley Malt Swirl
Orange Blossom Green Tea with Pomegranate Syrup
Pecan Brittle
Candy Cap Mushroom with Pumpkin Caramel
Maple Bourbon Sweet Potato
Douglas Fir with Chocolate Covered Pine Nuts
Orange Clove Cranberry
Hot Chocolate with Candy Canes
Julekage Peanut Butter
Triple Citrus Cardamom
Toasted Brown Rice and Miso
Roasted Winter Vegetable
Swiss Almond
Spicy Cinnamon Chocolate Caramel Pecan
Chocolate Fudge with Hazelnut Creme
Coffee and Donuts
Roasted Banana with Honey and Salted Walnuts
Irish Whiskey Caramel
Sour Cream with Fresh Walnut Preserves
Chicken and Waffles
Avocado Pistachio Chocolate Chip
Beer Cheese
Toasted Grits with Maple Syrup
Black Lager with Candied Pretzels
Malted Banana – Vegan
Ginger Brown Butter Vanilla Bean
Peanut Butter and Bacon
Bananas Foster
Cointreau Cardamom Rhubarb Compote
Mango Lassi
Rhubarb Bar Lemon Thyme
Buttermilk Strawberry Fudge Brownie
Dark and Stormy
Cream Cheese Pepper Jelly
Black Currant Cassis with Black Pepper
Sage Blueberry
Cherry Basil Yogurt Pretzel
Blueberry Carrot with Pecan Jam
Margherita Pizza
Cherry Sassafras
Blackberry Creme Fraiche Dark Chocolate Chunk
Bacon Tomato and Mayo on Toast
Coconut Carrot Pistachio

1,765 Replies to “COMPLETE FLAVOR LIST”

  1. Just the other day someone gave me a bunch of tomatoes. I was all, wouldn’t it be fantastic to make ice cream from this? What if I wasn’t even trying to be dessert-like, but ice cream IS frozen cream, yes? Frozen cream and delicious tomatoes. I think I’m such a genius. Then I stumble upon you guys, and you’ve not only beaten me to the punch, you’re way ahead of me in the whole, ‘start a business and make unique and delightful ice creams’ sort of thing. Way to go. I’d love to try some.

  2. Thanks Codi! We’re not on shelves yet, but we do give a couple pints away every week on the blog (locally) as we refine recipes and prepare to get into production mode. Drop by and enter!

  3. AMAZING! We have just tried Fennel Pollen and love it! Can’t wait for it to reach stores or sold locally.

  4. Hey, neat. Just saw this on Minnesota Monthly. I make my own ice cream too, although I haven’t nearly branched out in the flavors you have. So far, my crowning achievement is a killer butter brickle. Hope to see you guys in production soon!

  5. You definitely need to put Sweet and Sour Cream Cheese Wonton on this list and make it again!

  6. You should try more Minnesota traditional foods like – Tator Tot Hotdish. 😉 Also, have you thought about getting in contact with local companies that sell local MN foods? I wonder how this would hold up on an airplane….?

  7. Hi Michelle – thank you! Careful what you wish for, we just might do it! 🙂 Right now we can only sell out of our kitchen until we get our dairy licensing complete, but we definitely will be selling in many different places once we do. And our ice cream holds up great on a plane as long as there’s a freezer! 🙂

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