Sour Cream Strawberry Shortbread

Summer has arrived, and that usually means the local strawberry season is nearing its end here in Minnesota. This years season happens to be late, but for my family, the ending harvest means one last memorable dessert. My son’s birthday is June 24th, which inspired me to start a tradition of making him strawberry shortbread with vanilla ice cream.




Agreed, we’re not reinventing the wheel here, but we think putting shortbread and strawberries into our ice cream is a really good idea. Especially when we add a bit of tartness with sour cream.








Organic strawberries from Hoch Orchards in La Crescent, MN – Foxy! They’re going in.







Some of them we roast in the oven. Some of them we don’t. These? – Roasted!








We make these shortbread croutons with flour, butter and sugar. These guys like to soak up all that sweet strawberry cream.











This is it: FrozBroz style Sour Cream Strawberry Shortbread ice cream.






To win a pint from the blog this week, be the first to accurately guess in the comments section where “Strawberry” ice cream ranks on the list of popular ice cream flavors .  To be fair, if you won the week previous you can’t win this week.


3X Chocolate

Its 3x chocolate because of a ludicrous amount of dark chocolate in it,  so rich that it makes you feel a little dirty.

We like to experiment with flavor and texture and we definitely don’t shy away from indulgence.  We took the same approach when it came time to make a chocolate that fit the bill.

By dark, we mean, 85% cocoa, fair trade  chocolate.  And a lot of it. There’s no cocoa powder in this ice cream.  All of the gorgeous chocolate and all of its wonderful fat makes for an incredibly dense, fudge like ice cream.






For fun, we sprinkled in a sparse few chunks of this intense red sea salt right at the end.



You don’t get the flavor of salt in every spoonful, and you can’t see it coming since its color keeps it camouflaged, but you definitely know when you hit one.





DARK, Chocolate ice cream.  Just in time for the summer stride.



We love sharing our ice cream, and we’re going to give away another pint here this week, but know this: we do not part with a pint of this chocolate ice cream without some serious detachment issues.  If you win this week, consider yourself very fortunate.  And come ready to arm wrestle for it.



To win a pint from the blog this week, accurately guess how many ounces of chocolate are in a 2 quart batch in the comments section here and its yours.  To be fair, if you won the week previous you can’t win this week.


Bacon and Egg

When we first started making ice cream four years ago, our flavor profiles were mainly focused on traditional flavors. We soon began melding sweet and savory to create a wide range of unique flavors including this one: Bacon and Egg.




This is Bacon. It’s grass fed, nitrate free, rendered, and it’s going into our ice cream.








These are eggs. They’re local from Wisconsin Growers, organic, and they’re all going into this batch of ice cream.










This is a pitcher full of sweet egg batter ready for the mixer.









These are two pints of FrozBroz Bacon and Egg ice cream – we’re giving these  two beauties away today; one here, and one later today on our Facebook page.

For the free pint here -post a guess  in the comments section of how much bacon you think we put in one 2 quart batch of ice cream and the person that gets the closest wins the pint.


Again, free craft ice cream, a flavor you can’t get anywhere else, made with ingredients from local farms.


Malted Caraway and Molasses

Yeah, you read it right, Caraway.

It often falls into the love or hate category, most often found in breads, stews, curries, and sauerkraut.

What does caraway have to do with malt? And why in the hell did you put it in ice cream?  Perfectly logical questions.

Our thought process: Malts and ice cream go hand in hand.   So we started looking into what it would take to make our own malt powder, which is a process of drying and sprouting and re-drying cereal grains to turn the starch into sugar and give it that famous nutty malt taste we love in beer, and ice cream malts.

Then, for fun, we decided to try and make malt with some other, less conventional ingredients. Caraway seemed like a fun choice- our challenge and hope was we could mellow out the blatant caraway flavor by putting it through a “cheater” malt process.



Once it was dried out, soaked, and dried again, we ground it into a dark, fine, almost coffee like powder……

Malted Caraway












and then we paired it with molasses.












As it often happens, we don’t really know how the flavor will turn out until it has cured properly.   A lot can change in the taste over the course of the first three days in the freezer.  To our pleasant surprise, the end product was an incredibly complex, malt flavor, with dark flecks of malted, powdered caraway which come out right at the finish. Its become one of our favorites.











Wonder what it tastes like?




This chap won’t even eat pizza, and he thinks its fantastic.







Be the first to ask for a pint here and its yours. We’ll be giving another two pints away this week, one here, and one on our Facebook page. All you have to do is ask. Seriously. Free, craft ice cream, a flavor you can’t get anywhere else, made with ingredients from local farms.



Ok kids, raise your hand if you don’t like granola. That’s right, everyone likes granola. Some people like it with milk, some with yogurt, some like it on its own, so when my wife suggested that we put it in ice cream it was an easy decision.



Check it out – rolled oats!










Almonds, Flax, Sesame, and Sunflower – that’s right, seeds!










Guess what? Brown sugar, cinnamon and vanilla are whip ass in granola. Oh, lets not forget about the honey.










Here it is – homemade granola. We made it from scratch and put it in our ice cream. Now eat it!









As always we’re giving away two pints of this flavor this week: for the first pint, be the first to ask for it here on our blog (in the comments section), and its all yours.  We’ll give another away later on our Facebook page, which we’ll announce there.