Fenugreek Praline Pecan

The first time I considered Fenugreek as an ice cream flavor was after trying some gouda cheese with fenugreek seeds in it; amazed at the sweetness and maple like flavor the fenugreek added.  After some deliberation, and some more research, I discovered that fenugreek is one of the main flavor components of fake maple syrup. My curiosity was piqued, and I was sold.  To round the flavor out, I chose to add caramel coated pecans to the mix and make it our own spiced up version of praline pecan.

First the pecans..









To make praline pecans we first roast and salt whole pecans and smash them into smaller, more bite friendly sized pieces.

praline pecan








Then we make a simple caramel that is boiled to a “hard crack”, so it doesn’t pull your fillings out when you bite into it, but instead as a crunch.  The pecans are added in at the very end and then cooled to keep the caramel coating.

Praline Pecan








After the pecans are cooled they are broken out of their caramel sheath and end up with a perfect caramel praline coat.









For the ice cream, we steep the Fenugreek seeds in our organic cane sugar base and strain them out before the churn.

Fenugreek Praline Pecan









What we get is a spiced maple kissed ice cream studded with crunchy praline pecans.
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  1. First time I’ve heard of Fenugreek seeds in an ice cream – I’d love to be a guinea pig.

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