Saffron Cardamom Cookie Candied Ginger

After a heavy night brainstorming flavors, we decided that we definitely needed to rock a saffron ice cream. With a little research and contemplation, our likeness came together as this: Saffron Cardamom Cookie Candied Ginger.



Spanish Saffron – This stuff goes for over a $1000.00 a pound.







Saffron Infused Cream








Cardamom Pods








Rolling out the cardamom cooks








These Cardamom Cookies and Candied Ginger make for an explosive synthesis of flavor.






Especially when they’re mixed up with that yellow Saffron cream.






Want one of these two pints to chow down on? Be the first to accurately guess how many times we had to make these cookies to get them right and the pint is yours.






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  1. Adam gets it. Trick question. Its all yours. I’ll get in contact with you. And for the record we’re not bragging about bakery skills. Coming up with trivia questions that aren’t rendered completely useless by google is not easy.

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