Sweet Corn Chevre with Candied Bacon

We’re still holding on to summer, and making the decision to roll out another sweet corn flavor is making it easy. So easy, that as soon as I mentioned the idea to my wife, she said, why don’t you make a sweet corn ice cream with candied bacon; you could even throw in some Singing Hills chevre too, if you wanted? Hell yes! That’s exactly what I wanted to do! – Sweet Corn Chevre with Candied Bacon. Come on now, this is how we do it…



Sweet CornSweet corn ready for pureeSweet corn and cream and ready for puree






First things first – finding great sweet corn, and that means finding a farmer who takes pride in harvesting at the perfect time to ensure peak sweetness. One thing is for sure, you know great sweet corn when you have it. And since it’s only here for a limited time each year, it’s hard to differentiate between all of the great sweet corn growers out there.  Us broz are rather partial to the sweet corn from Peter’s Pumkins at the Midtown Farmer’s Market. After husking the corn, we cut it off the cob and throw it into a blender with cream. The idea is to get as much raw sweet corn flavor into our ice cream base as possible.



Singing ChevreSweet Corn Chevre Base








Next, we take our raw pureed corn cream and make our regular ice cream base with organic cane sugar. We then add chevre to the mix…Singing Hills Dairy chevre. If you haven’t had Singing Hills Dairy cheese, you need to, so go to Mill City or Fulton Farmers Market this Saturday and eat it. Ok, back to it…we then heat our corny ice cream base with chevre and strain it through a fine mesh strainer. The sweet corn chevre base is ready to be churned. But not before bacon time!



Lorentz BaconBacon n Brown SugarCandied Bacon






For the candied bacon, we start with Lorentz bacon from Canon Falls, MN. We rub down the bacon with brown sugar and bake it in the oven until crispy and candied. The bacon is then chopped up and added into the sweet corn chevre base at the end of the churn.



Sweet Corn Chevre with Candied Bacon




Summer is still here folks, and so is with rich sweet corn infused ice cream with creamy chevre and crunchy candied bacon. It’s that easy.


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