Cream Cheese Red Pepper Slivered Almond

Red Peppers are another one of those summer veggies that are deceivingly sweet, especially when they are fresh out of the dirt.  I’ve been obsessing about ice cream flavors involving red peppers every summer, but its taken nearly 2 years for me to get to it on the list.  Once I finally decided the time had arrived, then I had to decide what and how.  I’d contemplated a full red pepper infused ice cream.  A romesco inspired flavor was another conceptual flavor.  Yet another was a Pimiento cheese which red pepper is a star of.   We will likely come back to all fo these in time.  In the end, I decided on  a variation that curved away from all of those, utilizing the pepper as a sweet jelly and combining it with cream cheese.  If you’ve ever had cream cheese covered in red pepper jelly, you know where I’m headed.

Red Peppers










The first step was to roast the peppers to concentrate the sugars and get the skins off.


Roasted Red PepperRoasted Red Pepper







Once clean, the roasted peppers were pureed up coarsely, combined with our good friend sugar, some lemon juice and simmered down to a sweet jelly like consistency.


Red Pepper JellyRed Pepper Jelly







For an added crunch, I chose to go with blanched, slivered almonds to provide a contrast in texture without overwhelming in flavor.









Went with our cream cheese base, sprinkled in the slivered almonds during the churn and layered in the sweet red pepper jelly as it went into the pint.


Cream Cheese Red Pepper Slivered Almond








And there you have it.  End of summer heaven – lucious cream cheese ice cream, studded with crunchy slivered almonds and rippled with red pepper jelly.

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  1. Sounds dynamite! I’d love to help you out with the taste testing 🙂 Red pepper jelly is a staple in my fridge, and I smear it on as many edibles as possible. So this ice cream sounds right up my alley. Yum town.

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