Vodka Blueberry and Basil

Its National Ice Cream Day! In celebration, we’re releasing a second flavor this week.

Peak blueberry season. Yeah!  You can buy them all year long, but like tomatoes, nothing compares to straight off the plant.








Maybe its just us, but we can’t help thinking, these would be good with vodka, no?  Problem is, its not easy getting alcohol into ice cream without seriously disrupting the final product.

However, alcohol does provide one big benefit to using incorporating fruit into ice cream – if the fruit is soaked in it for long enough, it displaces the water in the berry and keeps the fruit from turning into an icy rock.

So we gave these big blue babies  a nice long vodka bath.



An added benefit: this steeping process leaves us with some tasty blueberry vodka to enjoy over ice while we finish making the batch.




To add some more powerful blueberry flavor, more blueberries were reduced into a syrup, with some of that blueberry vodka and sugar.





Waffles anyone?



Finally – to round it out..some fresh basil from the backyard.








The end product is a blueberry cream cocktail – little blueberry bombs full of vodka, floating in blueberry and basil ice cream.

Vodka Blueberry Basil Craft Ice Cream








Happy National Ice Cream Day!  Leave a comment on our Facebook page to enter a chance to win a pint and have it delivered personally by us today.