Roasted Carrot

We’re hitting our end and we’ll continue with everyone’s favorite orange root.  Carrots.  Harvest time carrots are the best, and there’s no other time to get that carrot-y flavor out than now.  This has been one we’ve wanted to do for years, and we finally got to it on our list.













These babies are gorgeous, and I can’t get enough of them during this time of the year. We grill them, eat them raw, slice, shredded..but nothing is better than roasted in the oven.  The sweetness that comes out of the carrot during this process is incredible, and was the inspiration for this flavor.

Roasted Carrots









So that’s what we did.  We roasted them in the oven in butter until they got all caramelly.

Carrot Puree








Then they went for a spin in the food processor, and we’re mixed into our brown sugar base.  The brown sugar brings the brown butter and the roasted carrot flavor out even more.

Roasted Carrot Ice Cream









And this is our reward – an extremely rich and creamy, roasted carrot ice cream that sings with a deep roasted caramel flavor and ends with a nice carrot kick.

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