3X Chocolate

Its 3x chocolate because of a ludicrous amount of dark chocolate in it,  so rich that it makes you feel a little dirty.

We like to experiment with flavor and texture and we definitely don’t shy away from indulgence.  We took the same approach when it came time to make a chocolate that fit the bill.

By dark, we mean, 85% cocoa, fair trade  chocolate.  And a lot of it. There’s no cocoa powder in this ice cream.  All of the gorgeous chocolate and all of its wonderful fat makes for an incredibly dense, fudge like ice cream.






For fun, we sprinkled in a sparse few chunks of this intense red sea salt right at the end.



You don’t get the flavor of salt in every spoonful, and you can’t see it coming since its color keeps it camouflaged, but you definitely know when you hit one.





DARK, Chocolate ice cream.  Just in time for the summer stride.



We love sharing our ice cream, and we’re going to give away another pint here this week, but know this: we do not part with a pint of this chocolate ice cream without some serious detachment issues.  If you win this week, consider yourself very fortunate.  And come ready to arm wrestle for it.



To win a pint from the blog this week, accurately guess how many ounces of chocolate are in a 2 quart batch in the comments section here and its yours.  To be fair, if you won the week previous you can’t win this week.