Coconut Hibiscus and Lime

A few weeks ago I was enjoying a dinner at a local mexican restaurant when I noticed a hibiscus drink on the menu.  I had been kicking around the idea of making a hibiscus ice cream for awhile and this cool, sweet hibiscus tea got my gears turning.  After some more research, I discovered this dark red tea is an international favorite, loved in the Phillipines, Middle East and South America.  Different cultures have slightly different ways of making it, but all utilize the Hibiscus flower as the main flavor component.  However, with the Jamaican kick I’ve been on, my path was already chosen.  It turns out Hibiscus tea is so popular in Jamaica that it is actually ordered simply as a Jamaica in some areas of the U.S.


For this flavor, I went back to our vegan friendly/dairy free coconut base. The coconut cream was a perfect backdrop for a Jamaican inspired flavor.

Lime zest








As is often done when this drink is served in Jamaica, i added lime zest to give it a citrus-y kick.









These gorgeous Hibiscus flowers are packed with Vitamin C and are steeped in our coconut cream base to extract all of their bright floral flavors.

Coconut Hibiscus and Lime




The Hibiscus petals dye the ice cream a pretty pink.





The result is a rich, coconut based ice cream, laced with a tangy, floral hibiscus with a zippy finish of lime. Vegan friendly and dairy free.

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