Brown Butter Brickle

While we spend all of this time in search of wild flavor combinations and new avenues to explore – once in awhile we run across a classic that slaps us right in the mouth.   I come from a family of passionate ice cream lovers, and when they brought up Butter Brickle I knew it had to be done.  It instantly reminded me of my childhood, and after doing some research I found it was pretty true – it is very hard to find the flavor on shelves these days.  It wouldn’t be ours if we didn’t put a subtle twist on it, so we incorporated our brown butter brown sugar base and made the toffee bits from scratch.











The key to this ice cream flavor is the toffee bits. They can’t be overly chewy or overly crunchy.  Ideally, they should have a “tender crunch” and will begin to almost “melt” into the ice cream once they’ve bathed in it for a few days.












Our toffee process is relatively similar to making caramel, except we use butter along with the sugar and water, and cook it to a “hard crack” to get the right texture.  Once the mixture hits approximately 298 degrees, it is removed from heat and spread out onto a lined sheet pan to cool.











Once the toffee has had time to cool completely, it is broken up into small chunks,  varying in size so the small ones melt into caramelly pockets and the bigger ones provide the crunch.  The “brickle” is stored in the freezer until we’re ready to spin the ice cream.


IMG_0549Brown Butter







This is where we put our little signature on the flavor, using our brown sugar, brown butter ice cream base.  It all gets tossed into the machine for a spin and..











Voila! A brown sugar, brown butter ice cream, full of delicate scratch made toffee bits.  FrozBroz Brown Butter Brickle ice cream, just in time for the holidays.
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