Oat Rum Raisin w/ Cinnamon Caramel

Ever since we originally created the Oat w/Maple Brown Sugar, we’ve been enamored with how silky ice cream gets from steeping with oats. Not to mention the incredible oat flavor.  I wanted to use that base to create a flavor as a play on the oatmeal raisin cookie.  It wasn’t until right at the end that the thought occurred to me – “I should probably soak these raisins in rum”.  Man, am I glad I did.  So now you have our play on both rum raisin and the oatmeal raisin cookie.  Why not combine them?


Brown Sugar

oat steep







First the base.  These fine organic rolled oats are combined with our brown sugar ice cream base and put through a warm steeping process.  During the steep, the starch is extracted from the oats much like what happens when you make oatmeal.  That starch is what gives the oatmeal its sticky consistency –  the more you cook the oats, the more of that starch comes out and the stickier the oatmeal gets.  We like the starch. The starch in ice cream is a natural stabilizer and gives the ice cream an extra silky texture.  The oats are strained out after the steep is complete.


Caramelzinfandel caramel







The caramel is a straightforward sugar based caramel, infused with cinnamon when the cream is added at the end.  The cream helps keep the caramel a light sauce instead of something  something that pulls your teeth out of your head while you try to eat it.


RaisinRum RaisinRum Raisin







Here comes the curveball. The original idea was to simply add raisins to the mix to complete the idea of the oatmeal raisin cookie.  Instead they were soaked in rum overnight, as we’d do for a straight rum raisin.  The raisins soak up the rum and turn into boozey candy that gets thrown into the ice cream right at the end of the churn.


Oat Rum Raisin with Cinnamon Caramel











This scoop a fantastic representation of the oatmeal raisin cookie with a cinnamon caramel holding it all together amongst a deluge of rum raisins.
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