Cabrales candied pear

This is a flavor I thought of while making an appetizer for a dinner party that consisted of endive, Cabrales, yogurt, oranges and almonds. Here’s what I came up with:

Start with a couple of ripe Bartlett pears. I would used Bosc or Anjou had I had them instead…better for baking

Dice and mix in some tastiness

Roast ’em

That’s what I’m talking about…candied pears!

Mix ice cream batter with some of this beautiful Spanish Cabrales Blue Cheese

there you have it

Welcome to FrozBroz Ice Cream

Hi, we’re Froz Broz. Some of you know us as Erik and Ben. We’re Wisconsin raised boys with cheese in our veins,  since transplanted into Minnesota. We’ve spent  the past five years pouring our obsession for cooking, dairy, supporting local farmers and food purveyors, and  rabid curiosity of flavor into making ice cream.  We’ve sold a handful of pints at a few local restaurants, but mostly we’ve eaten a lot of it and shared with friends.  While we’re trying to figure out what exactly were going to do with all of this ice cream, we’ve decided to carve out a little home on this here blog and open a window into our freezers. Over the next few months we’ll be posting a new flavor every week on this very page, along with some of our thoughts put into creating it.  Every week, one lucky follower will get their own batch of that flavor for free. Just for visiting (you have to ask, of course).  We can’t eat it all on our own.

That’s all for now. Check back with us soon for our first post.